Updating ie6 datingyourwife com

As soon as I deleted the web123.config file, this error disappeared and ajax framework was loading correctly.

updating ie6-1

The browser fails to load the compressed script This is usually the case if you get the error on IE6, but not on other browsers. First, make sure you are using the AJAX Extensions 1.0 RTM release. You can also try turning off compression by editing your web.config to have the following: 2. Make sure that you are using a Web Application, and not just a Virtual Directory 4. NET, any web request to a resource ending in is passed from IIS to ASP. Additionally the mapping is configured to not check if the file exists. This leads me to believe that it could be an IIS setting. I looked at the page source both when I get the error, and when not. When it happens, the user has to shut down their browser and reopen the page.Was having a similar issue, except that my page was consistently generating the Sys is undefined error.For me the problem stems from the fact that I've just installed the AJAX 1.0 extension for .

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