Steam pause updating

Please let us know on our forums if you have any issues or would just like to leave feedback on any of the changes.We expect to continue updating the open beta frequently through the rest of the month. It would surely be prudent to make a back-up of your player profile!

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Check out the full changelist below to see details on all of the changes we've made.

The game utilizes the fundamental mechanics of the early X-COM games, in this case considered to be the real-time global air control and strategic management and research components of the game, coupled with turn-based ground combat where the player controls a squad of soldiers and vehicles against the alien forces.

Soldiers can develop their attributes through combat experience.

Uses the power of steam to keep clothes looking and smelling great.

The Multi Steam™ function freshens and sanitizes garments, reduces odors and static, and relaxes wrinkles in clothes, so they need less ironing. Smart Control* lets you remotely control** and monitor your washing using a smartphone App***.

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