Single community Braunschweig

Please enclose a copy of your EHIC card with your application documents.Make sure your EHIC card is valid for the complete time of your stay in Braunschweig and do not forget to carry it with you at all times, once you are in Braunschweig.A new club, Neue Freie Turnerschaft Braunschweig, was formed shortly after.The Neue Freie Turnerschaft had to disband again in 1933 because of financial problems, caused by the construction of a new stadium for the club.The club was founded as a worker's sports club on 2 September 1903.In 1913, the club was declared a leftist political organization by the authorities of the German Empire and dissolved.

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If you intend to rely on insurance policies taken out with providers in your home country, ensure that these are valid in Germany and that they offer the same cover as their equivalent here.

Fleisch, Fisch, Pasta, Saucen, Sushi oder Italienische Küche stehen zur Auswahl.

Lernen Sie verschiedene Techniken auf dem Gas-, Holzkohle- sowie Elektrogrill und genießen im Anschluss die Köstlichkeiten.

In 1952 the club was promoted into the second tier Amateuroberliga Niedersachsen-Ost.

The stint proved short and FTB were relegated again after two seasons in 1954, spending the next 20 years at the 3rd or 4th level of German football, before slipping down as far as the 7th division during the 1980s and 90s.

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