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These clues are exclusive to the elite level clues.Be careful as a powerful wizard may attack you when you dig. You must kill the wizard and dig at that spot again to receive your next Clue Scroll or your reward.

As a treasure hunter, you are supposed to locate the exact location of this place and dig at where the "X" is located.To solve the clue you may need to search crates, talk to a person, or dig up a Scroll box or Casket in the ground. After solving a number of clues, you will obtain a reward.This reward depends on the class of the clue you were given.You must head to the general location stated on your clue scroll and use the "Scan" right-click option as you walk around.When the casket you are searching for is in range, a hint arrow will pop up when you scan, directing you to the site where you need to dig.

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