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You could also involve them in preparing food, if they are able to. If you feel stressed at mealtimes, the person you care for will probably be stressed too.

Make sure you have plenty of time for meals, so you can deal with any problems that arise. It's likely that the person you care for will change their eating patterns and habits over time.

Caring for a pet cat or dog can bring a lot of pleasure to some people.

If the person you care for was very sociable and outgoing, or if they have a large family, they may really enjoy visits from one or two family members or friends.

The longer they stay fit and healthy, the better their quality of life will be.

They could help with the shopping, laying the table or sweeping leaves in the garden, for example.This can be due to urinary tract infections, constipation causing added pressure on the bladder, or medication.A person with dementia may also simply forget to go to the toilet, or may forget where the toilet is.Going for a walk or gardening is a simple way to get some exercise and a sense of achievement.Or they may prefer listening to music or playing a board game.

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