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Although I find myself listening to r&b/ rap from the 80s & 90s more than other music. I’m an aspiring actress, singer/songwriter and I like to read and write my own stories and poems.

I’m just really lonely and tired of guys cause all they do is break my heart.

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Remember when we could each find a storyline to relate to?

Remember when we could actually learn something from each episode?

- Sweet with a little Sass ;) - Great sense of humor!

They were literally centered around cheating and Alison’s 80,000 secret relatives/love interests that served no educational or logical purpose to the show. My name is Megan and I’m a nearly 21-year-old lesbian. Tumblr: meganmarieeeeeee My name is Becky and live on the west coast.Throughout the past four years, we have stayed true to this goal, helping thousands of women find true love, companionship, and satisfaction.Whether you’re looking to find your soul mate, or simply to have some casual fun, Lesbian is for you!Once you’ve created your free account and completed your profile, our unique dating algorithm will auto-magically connect you with multiple potential dates in a matter of seconds.We offer one of the largest on-line lesbian only communities, committed to your experience, and we are still growing!

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