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Detailed information about scheduled flights from/to Ljubljana's Airport.There is a from/to the airport (one-way fare is around EUR 30 per person).Transport services from nearby airports and cities to Slovenia are offered by various low-cost carriers (Go Opti, Vamo Tamo, na Letalisce, Point2Point etc.) There are flights from Maribor's Airport (charter planes in high season) and Airport of Portoroz (private planes and sight-seeing tours).Several air strips are available for light aircraft and gliders.

Other ports of entry are Piran and Izola (in the summer season).Get information about international and domestic timetables and fares.Ferry lines connect Slovenia with coastal towns of Adriatic and Mediterranean countries, while large cruise ships take holiday-makers on trips in summer months.Regular and charter flights carry passengers to all important European destinations.The national carrier Adria Airways, member of the Lufthansa group Star Alliance, boasts a modern fleet of aircraft for passenger and cargo service.

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