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Unable to think of anything, he gave up thinking about April Fools' Day and April Fools' jokes.

Having tried everything in subsequent years to get her, every year she sees right through his jokes and every year he fails to get her.

Now with him sexually intimate with Gwen's mother, her sister, and her best friend since his wedding night, feeling that he understood them and was more on the same page with them when they whispered and laughed among themselves, he felt more of a part of their conversation.

Only, something his wife didn't know and something he wasn't ready to share with her for fear that she'd divorce him, he was sexually unfaithful behind her back with her mother, Trudy, her sister, Genevieve, and with her best friend, Heather.

She gave him a deep, wet kiss while groping his cock through his pants as he groped her huge breasts through her blouse and bra. "After you have sex with me, Genevieve wants to have sex with you, and then Heather wants her turn," said Trudy. * Chapter One -- Roger has sex with wife's mother, Trudy, his mother-in-law.Tomorrow is April Fools' Day and even though he's racked his brain all week trying to come up with a practical joke to play on her, unable to come up with a good April Fools' joke, he continued thinking of things that he could do to trick his wife.Maybe this is the year that he'll laugh at her instead of her laughing at him. Just once he'd love to come up with a practical joke that she didn't see coming, that didn't unravel, and that didn't backfire on him. How better to learn more about his wife, the love of his life, than to learn more about the three women who are most important in her life?Just once, he'd love to yell his success in her face. How better to learn more about the three women and about his wife, than to have sex with all of them?

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